Accelerating E-Commerce and DTC Sales

The ongoing change in consumer behavior is leading to an increase in sales via online marketplaces and a shifting consumer base with changing brand preferences.

Join the Xchange Community and Sjors van Hest to learn how brands are taking advantage of the opportunities and the impact of E-Commerce in today's Platform Economy. 

Sjors van Hest is founder of AMZ Consultancy. Sjors is an expert in online advertising and specialised in making retailers successful on online marketplaces. 

Customer Experience & Direct To Consumer Sales (DTC)

The Time to Move is Now!

Today’s new normal includes an environment with huge competition for business and consumer spend. To compete, companies across the board must find better, more effective ways to sell at scale.

During the event, Sjors van Hest will share the nuggets of wisdom from high-achievers and top-tier brands he has met over the years and the lessons they’ve learned on building sales strategies that deliver results - including the impact of online marketplaces, e-Commerce Support, field sales displacement and scalability. 


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