Working Remotely. Beyond the Epidemic.

A podcast conversation with Gesner Filoso, VP of Marketing at Teleperformance, to understand how Work at Home is defining a new mindset that will create a lasting workplace change.

Special Work at Home Episode: Xchange Live

In this episode, Gesner shares his view on the future of Work at Home, some insights about what he has learned working and managing teams remotely, also about his experience supporting other brands adopting the ‘at home’ model.

Episode length: 11MIN

Topics Covered: Work at Home impact to the workplace, insights on 'at home' trends, tips for companies adopting the model, recommendations for employees working from home. 

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Working Remotely Beyond the Epidemic.

"... remote work will probably be remembered as the biggest workplace revolution in recent history"

Gesner is a Marketing & Strategy professional with more than 15 years of experience managing programs and teams across multiple geographies, including EMEA, Americas, and Asia & Pacific. When not traveling, Gesner is a remote worker himself and he has been helping brands and employees on their virtual workplace journeys. 

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With 200,000+  remote workers across the globe, Teleperformance Work at Home Solution combines 40+ years of customized outsourcing experience with an advanced workplace model.

As one of the biggest Business Service companies in the world, and the biggest in the Work at Home space, Teleperformance manages 'At Home' services in more than 185 languages, serving clients in all channels, from voice, to video, social media, chat or email.

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